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Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims

We have considerable experience in the pursuit and defence of personal injury claims. You'll receive an early assessment and advice in respect of your prospects and the value of your claim, and we shall be happy to provide a free initial explanation of your potential entitlements and your options. We offer vigorous and efficient pursuit of your claim or defence, with access to expert advice and assistance from medical, engineering and other professionals. Our focus is on early favourable outcomes, with minimal delay between commencement and resolution of all claims. We have substantial experience across all fields of personal injury claims including workplace injuries, motor vehicle injuries, medical negligence and public liability claims, against private organisations and public authorities.

If you've been injured, be wary of "no win, no fee" arrangements that charge extra for a so called "win". At Archer Bushby you'll only pay for the work that's done for you, and as a successful claimant you'll be able to recover all or most of your costs from the other party.

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